The original Social Anxiety Anonymous Free Ebook

The Original Free Ebook:Twelve Gentle Steps to Overcoming Social Anxiety

Here are the main sections of the free online ebook–

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Why It Works: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Social Phobics Anonymous— How Social Anxiety Anonymous / Social Phobics Anonymous (SPA) Greatly Helps in Overcoming Social Anxiety, Social Phobia, Shyness Problems, Social Fears, Avoidant Personality Disorder, Social Agoraphobia, Fear of Public Speaking, Fear of Crowds and/or Paruresis

Social Anxiety and Trust: How To Heal This Part of Yourself and Eliminate Social Fears

The 12 Steps Of Social Phobics Anonymous: A Foundation For Social Anxiety Recovery That Can Work Alone or In Support Of Other Therapies To Eliminate Or Minimize Social Fears

The Suggested Tools of Social Phobics Anonymous: **Gentle and Daily Use of The SPA Suggested Tools Can Make All The Difference** (All Tools Are Suggestions Only. Use Those You Like And Leave The Rest.)

Social Anxiety and Perfectionism: How Social Phobic’s Anonymous / Social Anxiety Anonymous Can Help

For Those Who Have tried Other Approaches with Little Success: How The SPA / SocAA Program Removes Blocks To Recovery from Social Anxiety Problems

Social Anxiety and Positive Thinking: How To Enhance This Tool Even Further

Social Anxiety and Self Forgiveness: How To Begin To Quiet The Voice of The Inner Critic and Start Healing

The Secret of Healing Social Anxiety Through Service: How One Can Use the Act of Helping Others To Reduce Social Anxiety

Step 4-A: How To Begin Reducing Social Anxiety Through Dream Work Here we learn how to turn our imagination into an ally

Healing Social Anxiety Through Healthy Grief: How Grieving Can Be Focused Contructively To Help Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety and Shifting: The practice of moving out of fear.

Meditation and Social Anxiety: (Optional in our groups) How To Make Meditation Work To Reduce Your Social Fears

Recovery The Second Time Around: For Those With Social Anxiety Who Are Already In Other 12 Step Programs

For Those who Want To Start A Local Group: Learn About How To Start Your Own Local Social Phobics Anonymous Support Group

Suggested Meeting Format For Social Phobics Anonymous (SPA) / Social Anxiety Anonymous (SOCAA) Support Groups (How To Structure and Moderate SPA / SOCAA Support Groups )

En Espanol / Spanish Version: Los 12 Pasos de Fóbicos Sociales Anónimo 

Support groups may be found by searching on the Internet or by starting your own support group.  If you can’t find a group suitable for you, start your own!

(See articles on finding groups [on the menu of this blog] or see the article in the free ebook entitled “How to Start a Social Anxiety Anonymous / Social Phobics Anonymous” support group).

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Note: In line with the new licensing policy, although the original, this will only be considered one version of Social Anxiety Anonymous / Social Phobics Anonymous literature, however since it was the original ebook, it will be kept up here as a way of getting any new support groups started until new versions are created.

Anyone may re-post it separately and affix it to separate Social Anxiety Anonymous / Social Phobics Anonymous related webistes, either public or private.

Feel free also to print out the pages of this free ebook and distribute.

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